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MC’s & Hosts are not announcers

A Whole Different Level

I know for a fact that MC's are not announcers, actually announcers are not in the same level as MC's, you may be thinking “are you serious?” I’m dead serious because all they do is just announce and nothing else.

The most common perception people tend to think “here’s the run sheet or program and say couple of words and you’re done”. There is more than meets the eye because MC's do a lot more behind the scenes consulting, coordinating, preparing, study the facts from the briefing and clients scope of requirements.

You can spot an MC because of the energy, control warmth around creating a safe environment to enjoy. It’s not easy to do this, in which it takes hours, practise and relentless pursuit to constantly improving this craft. You will notice whether it’s in corporate events, wedding events and special events of how much focus and value the MC brings because of its desire to serve their clients and others. It’s the adaptability and flexibility it execute is key, because not all programs go right in time and this is where the MC thrives on these challenges.

Announcing is the easiest part but creating an environment that everyone can enjoy is a different thing.

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