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Sometimes in events "friends" may not be a great choice for MC duties

Who Gets The Job?

This is the most common decisions made when it comes to events particularly in the wedding scenes.

I know first hand because I have experienced both worlds. I actually started out as a friend MC with zeal and passion with no charge, completely free because well... I’m a friend. The only difference is because this is free and I’m a friend my mindset was different.

There we’re two things

1. My duties to be an MC

2. I can still be a guest and have an amazing time.

This happens all the time where the focus is 100% in the first section then half way through the program the friend MC will drop off with the focus that turns from an MC to a guest. The challenging part if the friend MC loves to drink alcohol then it becomes a problem. There isn’t anything wrong with the friend MC just as long they are engaged and constantly on the get go.

Professional MC is a different kettle of fish, they are paid to ensure there is complete engagement and focus. This is to serve the clients at 100% it’s the attention to detail, coordination with vendors and events staff. Keep track in time and most importantly keeping the energy and environment at peak.

Professional MC are trained to be at peak performance because their purpose is to ensure that the clients are not worried about the agenda they just want to celebrate and rock the house!

Here’s the difference between the both at a high level

Friend MC

Free of Charge

Mindset as Friends

Catch-up with Purpose

Conducted One-off Events

Experienced in similar events

Professional MC

Paid Service

Mindset of Professionalism

Consultation of Purpose

Conducted Multiple Events

Experienced in Events

At the end of the day it’s really up to the clients to decide. It’s worth the investment for a professional MC and the confidence you have the event is planned, organised and well coordinated when it gets executed.

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