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Why consultation is important when it comes to pre-events

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

One of the most crucial ingredients to understanding the end to end process towards planning an event.

Consulting > Confirming > Clarification > Confidence

These are the 4 essentials towards understanding the exact requirements and providing the extra attention to detail towards bringing significant value towards planning events.

Unless your Houdini and can pull amazing stunts last minute on events, I’ll definitely put you up on a pedestal. Every event from different scenarios, vision and goals are highly important to a client.

As an MC it’s important to pay extra attention to the details, any deviation or misunderstanding can definitely harm the event and very hard recuperate.

An MC has only one chance and to live in the moment with absolute preparation is key.

Zig Ziglar quotes “success occurs when preparation meets opportunity”

I’m a huge believer there is no such thing as over prepared because anything can happen and you must think on your feet. The secret towards avoiding a meltdown and turn yourself into a sweat fest of worry, doubts and breakdown is don’t internalise your focus on self because the more it gets worse.

3 Tips:

  1. Acknowledge what your facing.

  2. Know you have every resource to become solution focus.

  3. Go out there with confidence and fun.

Clients want to have the best events ever! Most memorable to talk about every single time. Consulting and providing feedback and building rapport will leave the clients to have greater confidence.

Get the right requirements from consulting phase, put together a solid action items through planning phase and turn the deliverables into execution phase.

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